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We are working towards boosting everyone’s mental health. Use the mental healthcare platform to track your mood, sleep, triggers, to vent out and seek help.

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what is snealth
About snealth

What is snealth?

snealth is a Mental Healthcare platform dedicated to improving the mental health of students & working professionals

With the help of Journaling, Trackers, Reminders, and a supportive community, we at snealth care about your well being.

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Vent out

Feeling angry or upset? Try venting out. Be someone’s ear by following this simple guide


Set Health Goals

Your mental well being is important to us. Set mental health goals & we’ll help you follow up


Read our Blogs

Get the right information and know more about mental health through our articles


Help people

snealth’s communities are designed to help people grow together. Try it out!


Try Therapy

Pay a visit to your nearest snealth’s trusted Counselor to a therapy session


Take a Quiz

Take a quick quiz to understand more about your mental health

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boosting mental healthcare

How does snealth help

We help in your overall mental health care. 

  • Colleges : Helping Students cope up with competition, exam stress & other issues
  • Companies : Helping employees improve their mental health in the workplace
  • Friends : Improving interpersonal relations within your friends circles
  • Family : Keeping everyone in the family safe, mentally healthy & happy
Snealth's Care Package

Try our Care Package!

A package that boosts your mental health? With love, from snealth💜


We custom-make your care package based on what you might need! Get ready for some neat surprises


Prices start at just USD 7 (INR 499), with Free Shipping. For bulk orders, you might wanna apply for a special discount!


They make great gifts - one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to yourself or someone you care about!


Had a rough day? We guarantee you this package will help get you through with it. We've packed it with love, from snealth 💜

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